Monday, April 4, 2016

Advanced Initiation Training (AIT) May 7-8 2016 E.V.

As part of the ongoing quest to increase and improve the skill sets of our Master Magicians and Chartered Initiaties, the OTO provides Advanced Initiation Training. This program is designed to enhance the understanding of both the hands on practical aspects of the process of Initiation within the OTO, and the general understanding of the symbolism of the initiations we perform.

At Leaping Laughter Lodge, the resident Bishops regularly present Initiation Training. They set aside a whole day at the Lodge, and, beginning with the highest degree of local members, go through each of the degrees and discuss what each means. To attend the discussion, you must be initated into the degree being discussed (obviously). As each discussion concludes, the next degreed initiates can join in the next discussion. As the day progresses, we end up getting more and more people, until all the lodge members (who can make it) are present at the Minerval discussion.

It's a real blast.

But even setting aside a whole day for it leaves us with a set amount of time to discuss each degree. There are constraints, and the Bishops are as thorough as possible in these Initiation Training sessions, but there's only so much time to spend on each degree. We publish the schedule so people know when to show up, and if we go over on the II* discussion, there are I* folk hanging out in the lobby waiting to get in. 

We don't have time to get into all the gritty details.

Fortunately, the OTO put together the Advanced Initiation Training (AIT) program. Teams of specialists have put together presentations on the aspects of intiation that let us spend time immersing ourselves in the practice and symbolism of the OTO's initiatory journey.

The Lodge of Leaping Laughter in the Valley of Minneapolis is honored to present AIT on May 7-8, 2016 E.V. We'll have multiple Bishops on hand to provide different viewpoints and discussions, to exchange anecdotes of initiations gone great*, and initiations gone wrong*. We hope to have as many people present as possible, and we can't wait to see you.

There will be wine and roses.

Event details can be found on the links at the following site:

If you already know what AIT is all about and are a Chartered Initiate, or III* or higher and want to attend, you can go directly to the Registration link below:

[NOTE: All footnotes are speculation only, and probably won't actually be discussed:]

* Crowley appeared and gave him a crown. The crown stayed when Crowley went back to the City of the Pyramids. 

** What do you MEAN the goat has a headache? How can you even TELL?

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