Monday, April 18, 2016

Midwestern Enlightenment Studies with Harper Feist, Soror Laila and Rufus Opus

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93 and stuff.

This coming weekend, if you're lucky enough to be in the Midwest, you have two opportunities to experience some goddamned amazing awesomeness at the hands of your intrepid explorer magicians who go about doing this shit and talking about it to you and others so you can do it too!

This weekend in Indianapolis, Harper Feist and I will be providing a joint presentation of angelic conjuration magic that demonstrates how to conjure the spirits, how to hear them and interact with them, and how to incubate the forces they represent in a Hermetic context to attain the transformations that result in the accomplishment of the Great Work:

This would be what I consider the "Green Work" phase of the Hermetic interpretation of the Great Work as I define it. After you've been through the basics of Hermetics (roughly II* in OTO or so), you need the White Work to get you K&CHGA, and then you need the Green Work to make your world your personal playground. The Angel teaches you things, but it also takes you on a series of initiations that put you into a position of authority and wisdom from which to organize and direct the manifestation of your experienced reality.

Harper will be teaching fundamentals and advanced techniques to hear and interact with spirits, which is basically the key to doing magic. I can't tell you how many people don't even consider this simple process that makes it possible to do everything else we do. The number of people that expect a season on netflix related to the spheres to show up in their crystals is just overwhelming. Harper teaches how to use the entire body as a sensory input that connects us to the realms of the spirits, enabling us to participate in the unfolding of experiences they provide.

And then I'll be walking people through the forces of the spheres and how they manifest in our experiences on the daily, providing some insights into the ongoing aspects of creating and maintaining our existences as we progress through each of the Seven planetary spheres and develop the understanding and ability to direct these forces as we see fit.

AND then, on the following Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio, I am SO PLEASED to announce that Sarah Mooshian, also known as the lovely and talented Soror Laila, will be presenting her experiences in the "White Work" phase of the Hermetic interpretation of the Great Work as I define it, also known as the


ahem. take a breath, you actually need a sec.

Ok, ready? Alright:

The motherfucking Attainment of Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel.

That's right.

Sarah went through all the crap we put up with in this process (and until you have been through it, you won't appreciate the ha-ha "humor" of that comment) to get to talk to this spiritual entity that just makes our lives ...


I mean.

Sarah carefully performed the operations described in the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, and reaped the harvest that comes from this process.

She's going to be speaking about her experience in attaining K&CHGA using traditional techniques at Black Sun Lodge in Cleveland this weekend.

This kind of frank and earnest conversation about this ritual is what led me to attainment on my own. You can't actually expect to have a better and more useful time this weekend if you can make it to her presentation, linked below:

Not bad if you're close to Cleveland!

So no matter where you happen to be in the Midwest this weekend, you've got amazing opportunities. Join Harper and myself, or join Sarah, or join us both if you can! We guarantee you will not walk away from the weekend's events with anything less than what you need to make your personal world a better place, for you, for me, and for anyone else who has to put up with us.

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