Thursday, March 24, 2016

BJ Swayne/Ararita 418 Discusses Solomonic Magic, "Witchblood," and Thelema for Millennials

I had a great conversation this evening with Ararita 418 (BJ Swayne) of William Blake Lodge. We talked about our history, and then started aiming for a conversation on the Heptameron and his recent work on de-hot-messifying the thing... and we sort of missed a lot.

Instead, we got to talking about what makes a magician or a witch a magician or a witch, and wandered on to the differences between Solomonic Magic and modern Ceremonial Magick, and what happens when you conjure a spirit from a Grimoire using Thelemic techniques.

Then we ended up having a fascinating conversation about how Millenials are basically already incorporating the Law into their lives, and how the A.'.A.'. and OTO might evolve to adapt to this particular change in things.

We didn't make it to the Heptameron stuff, but that's probably ok. We'll try again soon.

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