Friday, March 18, 2016

OTO: Cooler than Some People Think

One of the things my friends in the grimoire magic community make fun of me about for joining the A.'.A.'. and OTO is that neither the A.'.A.'. or OTO have made any kind of significant advancements in the realm of "Magic/k" since about 1899.

I get it, in some ways, but in most of the ones that are actually matter, this is so much crap, and no one knows because almost all the Thelemites are sharing amongst themselves, and not the community at large.

Which isn't totally cool, but also makes sense.

We feed the family first.

One of the things I expected when I joined the organizations was a rehash of watered down concepts that took the vibrant principles of Hermetics I'd found in "ACTUAL HERMETICS" and turned it into some kind of formulaic nominal system of philosophical wankery that talked more about psychological implications than actual spirits.

And sure, that happens, on occasion, but in interesting ways.

But honestly, guys, Hermetics never really died, and there are people working pretty hard on working through modern stuff that indicates stuff that people 1700 years ago couldn't imagine is being addressed in our magic/kal practices.

For example, refer to the stuff Blazing Star is putting forward:

See more stuff they're making available on their channel below:

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